The Cromie Story

What we Believe 

We came from the city. We lived in the heart of downtown. We had an adequate garden and a backyard chicken coop. Our retirement dream was to move to the country and have a small farm. Well, we just decided one day to step it up, take the plunge and go for broke. So here we are. Myself, Vince, my wife Karen and two lovely boys named Sebastian and Maxwell.


We decided to do this because we wanted to be more self sufficient and live closer to the land. We love and respect animals and all life around us and it is our goal to live closer to the relationship with these creatures than we were previously able to because of the confines of the city. We also want to be able to teach the boys about were their food comes from, how it is created and processed and the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing this with the fruits of our own labour.


It is our aspiration to be able to live a life style that is more closed loop with the land around us and in doing so provide a service to family and friends in doing so. The animals we raise are given a good life, living in pasture land with the freedom to explore and be the creatures God meant them to be. They are tended to, loved and respected. This gives us the opportunity to appreciated what is on our dinner table, knowing that it was healthy, happy and drug and hormone free.